Athens Airport Transfer to Delphi

The site of Delphi is located in upper central Greece

On multiple plateaux/terraces along the slope of Mount Parnassus, and includes the Sanctuary of Apollo, the site of the ancient Oracle. This semicircular spur is known as Phaedriades, and overlooks the Pleistos Valley.

Southwest of Delphi, about 15 km away, is the harbor-city of Kirrha on the Corinthian Gulf. Delphi was thought of by the Greeks as the middle of the entire earth.

The area of Delphi comprises a small downward plain crossed by the torrents Pleistos and Hylaithos, which at some points become very narrow and thus overflow by heavy rainfall. The area is planted with dense olive groves covering half its surface, whereas the other half is covered with low, bushy vegetation, suitable for grazing. The olive trees belong to the “Amfissis” species, created technically by the vaccination of oleasters. Most of the trees are over a hundred years old. The area was proclaimed a protected region in 1981.

Furthermore, it was established as an archaeological zone A and B region in 1991 and 2012 respectively. Unfortunately, its declaration as protected zone did not avert the destruction of a large part of it by a fire in August 2013.

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Athens Airport Transfer to Delphi