Athens Airport Transfer to Gazi

Gazi is the new cool place to be in Athens.

Gazi is a neighborhood of Athens, Greece. It surrounds the old Athens gasworks, which is an industrial museum and exhibition space, widely known as Gazi, next to Keramikos and close to the Acropolis.It is home to the Technopolis of Athens and industrial museum of modern architecture.Gazi is the new cool place to be in Athens, full of restaurants, cafes, music, and art by the old city gas-works which has been turned into a museum-cultural center that may be unique in all of Europe.Gazi is the place to define your meaning of a great night out. People bump shoulder to shoulder in its narrow streets that are filled with more crowds that hover around good drinks, conversation and company. Each turn there are more choices; a new bar to have a fancy cocktail, a trendy place to dine or a packed place to dance.

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Athens Airport Transfer to Gazi Athens