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Mycenes was an ancient city of Argolis near Mount Tritos and opposite the Argolic Gulf.

The archaeological site of Mycenes is about 90 kilometers southwest of Athens, in the northeastern Peloponnese. During the second millennium BC, Mycenes was one of the largest centers of Greek civilization, forming a strong military fortress that dominated most of southern Greece. The period of Greek history between 1600 BC until around 1100 BC. is called "Mycenaean", referring to Mycenes. At the height of their glory, in 1350 BC, the castle and the lower city had 30,000 inhabitants and were 32 hectares.Homer first mentions the city describing it with the words "wide-eyed, golden-colored".Although the fort was built by Greeks, the name "Mycenas" is not considered Greek but rather a pre-Hellenic place name, which was adopted by the elite Greeks. According to Pausanias, Perseus built the Mycenae in Tiryns and gave them this name either because his "mykis" fell from his sword or when he was thirsty he found a fungus (a mushroom) and pulling him saw the source of Persia, which still exists today.

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