Athens Airport Transfer to Zografou.

Zografou is a suburb in the eastern part OF Athens.

It was named after the Greek politician Ioannis Zografos. To the east of Zografou lies mount Hymettus. The area, being close to the centre of Athens, developed similar urban sprawl characteristics, with high-rise buildings of even 10 stories tall being the norm. The city is also home to the Athens university campus and polytechnical school campus and therefore, a great part of its population is university students.Zografou includes the smaller areas of Ilissia and Goudi.Zografou is an inner suburb of Athens, located about 4 km east of Athens city centre. The municipality has an area of 8.517 km.Towards the east the municipality extends to the forested Hymettus mountain. The built-up area of Zografou is continuous with that of Athens. A large campus of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is situated in Ano Ilisia, the easternmost quarter of Zografou. Ano Ilisia derived its name from the river Ilisos, which starts at St Eleousa, now in the University campus.Another quarter of Zografou is Goudi, in the northwestern part of the municipality. The main church of Zografou is consecrated to Agios Therapontas. With Zografou having been built on the hills of Hymettus, a common sight around the city are some very steep uphill streets.

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Athens Airport Transfer to Zografou