Athens Airport Transfer to Livanates.

Livanates is a seaside town in Phthiotis, central Greece. It is located 68 km southeast of Lamia and it was the seat of the municipality of Dafnousia between 1997 and 2011.

Kynos, an ancient settlement site, can be found at the edge of the town. The medieval settlement was established by Arvanites. Livanates has been attested since 1540 as an Arvanite settlement.The Arvanitic dialect spoken in Livanates has some unique features that differentiate it from the other Arvanitic dialects.Livanates had 1,021 people in the 1890s. In April 1894, a strong earthquake ravaged the town, killed 5 residents and injured 20 more.During the occupation in World War II, Canada saved many Athenians from starvation by donating wheat, potatoes, chick peas and cottons, as well as vegetables. During that period, Kynos hill was used for its military base as a camp and a prison.

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Athens Airport Transfer to Livanates