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Mantoudi is a town in the Prefecture of Euboea and is located in the Municipality of Mantoudi-Lake-Agia Anna.

It is built at an altitude of 20 m and flows through the river Kireas. It is 58 kilometers from Halkida Alexander the Great was the first inhabitant. At Peleki, a small valley between Kastri and the hill of Prophet Elias, relics of ancient Kirinthos are preserved. The area is famous for the white stone factory (Skalistiri). At some point the plant was closed and it was in decline with a sudden decline in population. In 2012 the plant reopened and is still operating today with 200 workers. a stream of Kirea passing through the city. Mantoudi in the 80s had reached the peak of its glory. Mantoudi has an excellent beach, Kymasi which is famous for its clear waters. At Kymasi guests can swim up to Kotroni, the big rock of the beach.

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Athens Airport Transfer to Mantoudi